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Heat Recovery Drum Dryer

Heat Recovery Drum Dryer

For the volume reduction of industrial waste!

Katsuragi’s Heat Recovery Drum Dryer was developed to reduce the facility cost and running cost. Generally exhaust air (vapor) from the dryer is discharged into the atmosphere. However, in this drum dryer, from such exhaust air, heat is recovered through the scrubber condenser and heat recovery system. With such recovered heat, pre-concentration is carried out. We could adopt a small-sized drum dryer by carrying out this pre-concentration, and as a result, succeeded in reducing the steam consumption. (Approx. 40% reduction compared to the conventional company products)


Energy saving
Steam consumption is reduced by 40% by downsizing the dryer.
Low-priced and compact
A low-priced and compact system is realized by packaging a pre-concentrator in the dryer.
Odor reduction
Odor is also reduced by reducing the volume of exhaust emissions.
Reduction of CO2 emissions
Fuel consumption of the boiler is reduced by reducing the steam consumption, which results in the CO2 reduction.

Comparison of operating cost between the drum dryer and heat recovery drum dryer


  • Type of liquid treated: Salt wastewater
  • Treated liquid volume: 6 m3/day (salt concentration: 5%)
  • Concentrated liquid volume in pre-concentration: 4 m3/day (salt concentration: 7.5%)
  • Amount of dried materials: 300 kg/day (NaCl)

2.Utility and running cost

  Drum dryer Heat recovery drum dryer
Utility Amount used Steam (kg/h) 365 212
Electricity (kW) 11.6 15.6
Cost (yen/year) Steam 9,198,000 5,342,400
Electricity 993,888 1,336,608
Total 10,191,888 6,679,008

The utility unit price for steam is 3.5 yen/kg and that for electricity is 17 yen/kWh (load factor: 70%). The cost is calculated regarding the number of operating days per year as 300 days.

Flow sheet

Flow diagram of the Heat Recovery Drum Dryer

Flow diagram of the Heat Recovery Drum Dryer
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Standard specifications

Model Treated volume Main unit specifications of dryer Systemfs outline dimensions (mm) Utility
Drum size Surface area Power Steam Electricity
kg/h Diameter Length m2 kW W L H kg/h kW/h
HRD-S-0610 `90 600 1,000 1.8 1.5 1,800 4,100 3,200 80 6.0
HRD-S-0815 `180 800 1,500 3.7 2.2 2,200 5,000 3,500 160 8.7
HRD-S-1020 `285 1,000 2,000 6.2 5.5 2,600 6,500 3,800 255 15.6
HRD-S-1025 `345 1,000 2,500 7.8 5.5 2,600 7,000 3,800 310 16.3
HRD-S-1520 `420 1,500 2,000 9.4 7.5 2,800 6,700 4,000 375 22.7

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