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Vacuum Agitating Dryer

Vacuum agitating dryer KD-1200 type

Vacuum agitating dryer KD-1200 type

Vacuum Agitating Dryers, which are of conducted-heat transferring system, are generally of batch operation under vacuum.
The body is in cylindrical or channel (U) form with a jacket mounted and equipped with a uniaxial agitator having ribbon vanes or puddle vanes. There are also models as having a dual-axial agitator in the body of “U” form according to the properties of the treated material.


  • Since drying is performed under vacuum, temperature difference between the heat-transfer area and treated material can be large.
  • Since the treated material directly contacts the heat-transfer surface while it is being agitated and crushed, uniform dried products can be obtained efficiently.
  • Since it can be operated under high vacuum (low temperature) by selecting a shaft sealing type, it is suitable for drying materials which are subject to air oxidation or deterioration by high temperatures.
  • It can be used for materials whose vapors have hazardous properties or solvents.
  • Flying of powder is fewer compared to the hot air drying method.
  • Hot water, steam, and heat-transfer oil can be used as the heat source.
  • When handling materials which are easy to adhere and become a dough or massive form, the drying speed can be accelerated and the rotational resistance can be reduced by inserting a ball or round bar.

Test machines

We have test machines as shown in the photo below always available, and we are ready to carry out a test as needed and present the plan of equipment.

Test machines
Test machine specifications
Model Special paddle type (Kantaro vane)j
Dimension φ300~500L
Capacity 20 liters
Material SUS316
Heat-transfer area Jacket 0.34 m2
Shaft, vane 0.45 m2
Working pressure Vacuum in the drum
Shaft rotation speed 10 ` 40rpm

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